Terms of Sale and Terms for Use of this Site

There is a $35.00 charge, in addition to any other charges for NSF (Non-Sufficent Funds) CHECKS or MONEY ORDERS!

Any misuse, or unauthorized use of a credit card will be prosecuted.

Buyers from outside the United States of America must contact seller for a shipping quote. Any buyer who wishes to purchase insurance on their shipments, or purchase a "speedy delivery" may do so by contacting the seller by means of the email address or phone numbers provided in the contact pages of the website.The buyer of any item agrees to pay all shipping and handling charges. Any auctions are to be paid for within 5 days of auction close, unless special arrangements have been made with the seller. Items paid for by check or money order will be processed as soon as the check or money order is cleared by the bank. Any buyer who sends a check or money order that is not valid, cancelled, or NSF (non sufficient funds) will be subject to a $35.00 charge, in addition to any fines or penalties imposed by the seller, or any financial institutions. Please note that orders paid for by personal check or money order may take an additional 5-10 business days to be processed. Any business, internet host, supplier, delivery service, employee, owner, 3rd party, or anyone else associated with this website, will not, and can not be in any way held responsible for activities of users on the site, misdirected information, errors, or malfunction. Any misuse of this site will be considered fraud. Please do not waste our time falsely filling out our orderform. We do not click on "content spam". All false form submissions filled out by robots or humans will be pursued to the "Form Sumitters" ISP and reported to the their nearest law enforement agency, Interpol, or Embassy. All scripts and images contained within this site may not be copied or used without handwritten consent of Outpost Flags Management, and will be considered theft. All items for sale are subject to availability. The seller reserves the right to cancel or void any auction or sale for any reason. Seller reserves the right to cancel any order for any reason. In the event an order or auction is cancelled by the seller, the buyer will be given a refund. If the buyer wishes to cancel an order, it must be canceled within 24 hours after the order has been made, or within 24 hours after the auction has been won. Winners of auctions that wish to cancel their order will pay the seller a $2.00 restocking fee in addition to 15% of any auction closing price. The seller is not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged, or mis-directed items. There is no return on custom made items, and orders can not be cancelled once production has been started. Any item that is currently out of stock will be placed on order with our suppliers. Orders for out of stock items will be placed on backorder, and shipped the following week, or as soon as we receive the product. Any business, internet host, supplier, delivery service, employee, or owner associated with this website, will not, and can not be in any way held responsible for the legality of, and/or any legal or political repercussions of any order placed. Please be absolutely sure that your order is in accordance with all your local laws. Return requests are granted at the sole discretion of the seller. Returns may be granted only if buyer pays shipping and insurance both ways. There will be no returns for uninsured items. There is a $2.00 handling charge for all returned items under 25 pounds in addition to 15% of the sale or auction close price. Special arrangements must be made with the seller for items or orders over 25 pounds. Refunds will be given as money back, unless circumstances as interpreted by the seller warrant a refund given as store credit. Shipping price may be more than stated on website for some items, in which case additional fee's will be requested from the customer. If addition fee's are not paid within 7 days, the seller may terminate the sale. A valid shipping address must be included in the order. If no shipping address is provided by the buyer during the checkout process, or no shipping address is provided by the buyer on the order form page of this site during checkout, the order will be placed on hold for 7 days. If the buyer does not contact us within 7 days with a shipping address the seller reserves the right to cancel the order and charge the buyer a $3.50 processing fee in addition to any other fees which may be applicable. If the buyer provides a shipping address that is not valid, or for any reason the shipment is returned to the seller, the buyer must pay any and all fees to have the package re-shipped to a valid address. If the seller finds that any order is not in accordance with the laws of the buyers state, county, city, province, territory, or country of residence, the order will not be shipped and a refund may or may not be given (whether a refund is given or not is at the sole discretion of the seller). We ship our products with the U.S. Postal Service in most cases. Sometimes we may use UPS, DHL, or FED-EX. Most items are shipped with USPS Priority Mail, but, as with ANY mail order item, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Any additional information for items must be specified in the "Additional Info or Comments" text box during the checkout process or in the "Type Any Additional Comments or Questions Here" box on our order form page . Additional info may include but not be limited to ring sizes, ring stones, hat sizes, clothing sizes, colors, or anything else that may describe an items unique variables. If there is no additional information specified by the buyer, the seller will call or email in an attempt to obtain this information, but if the information is not obtained within 7 days, the seller will assume that it does not matter to the buyer what unique variables they want their item to contain, and the seller will use his own judgement in determining what unique variables to include in the item. There will be absolutely no returns on items in which the buyer does not specify what unique variables they want their item to contain. Pictures on website may slightly differ from actual items for sale. Items for sale are either made by us or ordered from various suppliers. Some of these items are of a unique nature and some are not. We make no claim as to the authenticity or historical accuracy of any items we list.


Custom made items.

Please be aware that some of our items are custom made, and take time to be produced. Most custom made items only take about 3 or 4 weeks to produce, but please allow a 90 day lead time for manufacture and shipping. Be sure to include any ring sizes, ring stones, hat sizes, clothing sizes, colors, or anything else that describes an items unique variables. The sooner we get all the information, the sooner we can start production of your items. Before purchase, please ask if you need your item in a hurry, or by a certain deadline. We cannot grant a return on a custom made item once production is started, so please be sure all your information is correct when you place your order.

Buyer must agree to all these terms before a purchase is made.